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 I just posted this photo on twitpic, which brought up a memory.  I was going to post a tweet of it, but found myself 840 characters over limit when I was done.  So it gets to go here.  Yay.

Strange memory from that photo:  We were al dressed up from some grad party and wanted to go bowling, but had no socks, so Anthony bought the ugliest socks he could find.  I still have one of the socks (can't bring myself to throw it out) It was a pair of white ankle socks with some chopper shop logo on them and a fuzzy red ball at the back of the ankle.  After grad, I took bowling for my PE requirement at college.  I used to wear those socks as a memory, and it made me feel closer to all the friends I left behind when I moved from PA to OK.  Sadly, I don't talk to any of my old friends any more.  I don't even know where they are, what they're doing, or if they're even alive.  Last I knew, Rachel was going to college in Alfred and Angela was living in Bradford, taking a break from college.  Cat went to Pitt, and Rawny and Anthony were at IUP together.  Steve, being Angela's brother, is probably in Bradford too.  Scooter?  He fell off the face of the planet, I guess.

As much as I love the friends I have now, and as much as I believe that nothing can be the way it was in HS (I've changed alot, I'm sure they have too), I'd still like to reconnect with my awesome group of friends that cried with me after graduation.  The only one I really see anymore is Bryn (not in the picture) and that's only because we run into each other in Bradford once every 8 months or so.  

I've tried getting together with Angela, to no avail.  I've also tried to contact Anthony, but that never works out either.  So, if, randomly, my HS friends still read this, HELP!

I don't expect to be best friends with any of them, I just want an update, make sure that they're alive, and that they haven't completely fucked their lives over (like I often think I have).


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